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P.O. Box 360455 San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936-0455

The Pentecostal Church of God, International Movement began its work of evangelization in Ponce, Puerto Rico at the end of 1916; when the first Pentecostal missionaries arrived on its beaches, coming from Hawaii, via California. These were Puerto Ricans who, along with many other countrymen, left for the distant archipelago in the emigrations at the beginning of this century, looking for a better future. Now they returned with the message of the Good News. Five years later, after arduous but fruitful work, the first Assembly was held in the city of Arecibo, in November 1921. Then the first statutes were drafted and promulgated in the same year.

Today the church is an international movement with works established in more than 86 countries reaching all continents of the world. The extent of its growth in so many countries forced the revision of its regulations, and the fourth is currently in force. review of the Statutes.

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