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It all started in 1996, the year of my conversion. God proceeded to fix his gaze on me with the purpose that it was time to fully initiate me into the holy ministry. Then it is born in me the ministerial day, which consisted of completing the application of our request in a formal manner. We had two offers, the first was a church in Vero Beach, and the second in Jupiter in South Florida. But it was not until 2014, approximately in the month of June, that we had our first interview in which we were offered the opportunity to pastor in a town called Birmingham, in the state of Alabama. At that time, Rev. Abiud Torres was the President of Missions, my answer was that we were not going anywhere unless God gave us the way out, and God revealed Himself in our lives. Confirming our departurePort Saint Lucie, Florida. On December 28, 2014, we were installed in a white field; In the city of Birmingham there, my wife, my two children and I began to build that congregation, later our youngest son would be added to our family. In that place we lived the glory of God, since in less than a year, we became an organized congregation and after two years we had the joy of buying a temple with a vehicle and a house. On September 21, 2017, after having been pastoring there for almost 3 years, we were transferred and installed as pastors of IDPMI in Daytona Beach. 


After 5 years of pastoring, God with great joy allows us to purchase our temple, IDPMI Daytona Beach. Where we currently offer our services. For my part, first I thank God for giving me the great privilege of being Pastor of this IDPMI Daytona Beach church, my wife, who has been my support on this journey, and my childrens because they have also been by our side on this journey. and they have been able to grow ministerially and spiritually in the ways of the Lord. 

General Pastors
Rev. Jorge and Mis. Deborah Figueroa


Mission and Vision

In IDPMI Daytona Beach, our mission is to be a Christian church that strives to represent and bring together all those people who desire to reach the heavenly kingdom through faith in Jesus Christ. Our main objective is to exalt Almighty God and preach the message of salvation, healing and transformation in Christ. We seek to satisfy the spiritual and material needs of our community, promoting family unity and the development of leaders to be sent.

Our vision is to be a living and constantly growing community, which is governed by Christian values and seeks the comprehensive transformation of people and families in every geographic area in which we operate. Through Evangelization, Discipleship and in the power of the Holy Spirit, we want to promote spiritual and moral authority so that each individual has a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ, our source of salvation and eternal life in line with the Holy Scriptures that give us they guide.

Assistant Pastors
Jean Franco and Fany Rivera
Assistant Pastors
Manuel and Keyla Rivera
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